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This course will examine the history of the twentieth century, focusing on the role of the United States as it becomes a major world power. Beginning with the growing tensions of European and American rivalries for increased economic influence throughout the world, we will explore the causes and effects of World War I, the Russian Revolution, the rise of Dictators in Europe, the United States’ isolationist recoil, the events leading up to World War II, and continue with America’s new role as a world power. The second half of this course will focus more exclusively on America’s impact as such a powerful force in the world and its increased rivalry with the Soviet Union that resulted in the Cold War through to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Throughout the year we will cover more in depth current events.

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Due Tuesday, May 10 - Actively Read Chapter 6 in From Hot to Cold.
Due Thursday, May 12 - Actively Read Chapter 7 in From Hot to Cold
Due Friday, May 13 - Student Activities page 99 - fully answer the questions




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