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Course Description
This course will examine the history of the twentieth century, focusing on the role of the United States as it becomes a major world power. Beginning with the growing tensions of European and American rivalries for increased economic influence throughout the world, we will explore the causes and effects of World War I, the Russian Revolution, the rise of Dictators in Europe, the United States’ isolationist recoil, the events leading up to World War II, and continue with America’s new role as a world power. The second half of this course will focus more exclusively on America’s impact as such a powerful force in the world and its increased rivalry with the Soviet Union that resulted in the Cold War through to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Throughout the year we will cover more in depth current events.


5/16/16 Read the handout given to you in class on the Tet Offensive and answer the questions.
5/17/16 Begin Review for Final

5/1/16 Read Chapter 8 in "HotToCold" (Reread for some)
5/2/16 Read Chapter 9 in "HotToCold" The President and the General
5/3/16 Read Chapter 11 in "HotToCold" Cuban Missile Crisis Study for Unit Quiz
5/4/16 No new homework

4/20/16 Read Chapter 7 in "HotToCold"
4/22/16 Complete Chart on Page 105
4/23/16 Read Chapter 8 in "HotToCold" The Korean War

3/29/16 Read Chapter 6 in "HotToCold"
3/30/16 Complete Chapter 6 Student Exercises on Page 93
4/1/16 Complete Chapter 6 Student Exercises in Google Classroom Page 94

2/28/16 Create an outline to complete your Final Exam Essay. Complete this in Google CLassroom
"The dropping of the atomic bomb ended WWII and saved lives. Discuss whether or not this statement is accurate and explain why or why not."

2/15/16 Finish "The Cannoneers"
2/16/16 Read chapter 5 in "Hot to Cold"
2/17/16 Begin Your Outline

2/19/16 Finish your Outline. Due Monday

2/8/16 Read Chapter 7 in "The Cannoneers"
2/9/16 Read Chapters 8 in "The Cannoneers"
2/10/16 Complete Notecard corrections
2/12/16 Read Chapters 9 in "The Cannoneers"

2/1/16 Read Chapter 1 in "The Cannoneers"
2/2/16 Read Chapter 2 in "The Cannoneers"
2/3/16 Read Chapters 3-4 in "The Cannoneers"
2/5/16 Read Chapters 5-6 in "The Cannoneers"

1/25/16 Read chapter 4 in Hot to Cold
1/26/16 Complete Chapter 4 student exercises
1/29/16 Complete Chapter 4 Timeline

1/17/16 Bring in both sets of notecards and your sources.
1/18/16 Read Chapter 3 in Hot To Cold
1/19/16 Complete Chapter 3 Student Activities
1/21/16 Third Set of Notecards
1/22/16 Prepare for a TEST on Chapters 1-3 for Monday

1/5/16 Begin 1st set of Notecards for Research Paper (see packet)
1/6/16 Re-Read Chapter 1 in Hot to Cold
1/7/16 Complete 1st set of Notecards (turn in with Book)
1/8/16 Prepare for WWII Causes Quiz

12/1/15 Choose your Research Topic and write 3-5 Focus Questions on that Topic12/3/15 Create your Thesis from your chosen focus question12/4/15 Read Chapter 9 in American Foreign Policy

Research Project

11/10/15 Bring in 3 questions from the study guide
11/11/15 Complete WWI Study Sheet

11/13/15 Complete a 3x5 index card as a final exam aidBring in questions for final review on Monday

11/2/15 Read Chapter 8 and take ACTIVE notes.11/3/15 Complete Missing Work
11/4/15 Prepare for WWI Test on Thursday

10/27/15 Read Chapetr 7 95-9910/28/15 Complete Chart on Page 101
10/30/15 Prepare to speak about your favorite App

10/20/15 Read Chapter 6 Pages 81-8310/21/15 Complete Question 1 on Page 84 in Google Classroom10/23/15 Complete preparation for Presentation in clas Monday (See Google Classroom)
10/12/15 Bring in 2 questions for a Family Weekend Quiz on what you have learned so farComplete Technology Responsibility Form
10/13/15 Prepare for a QUICK Quiz in Socrative on Chapter 5

10/5/15 Read Chapter 5 and complete page 74 Activity10/6/15 Complete Student Activities on Page 7610/9/15 GET THE WORK DONE in Google Classroom

9/28/15 Read pages Chapter 3 9/29/15 Do chapter 3 vocab9/30/15 Read Chapter 410/2/15 Prepare for TEST on Chapters 1-3