Topics in Critical Race Relations:

The African American Experience (History 390) 2015-2016

Course Description

“Topics in Critical Race Relations” is an elective which can be taken year-long or per trimester that focuses on the cultural, social, and political history of African Americans. The class will trace the path of African Americans from their enslavement through the 21st century. Slavery, Emancipation, Civil Rights, Black Nationalism, and current issues facing African Americans will be the primary focus of the class. We will use narratives and other primary sources to view the history of America through a different set of eyes, and also utilize music, art, and literature to view the cultural history of African Americans throughout history.

Teacher Info

Mr. Jenkins: Westhaver 003 (Office #: 860-963-4752 / Cell 860-455-6990)

Current Homework 2-22 through 2-25

Monday 2/22

Malcolm X
- To be announced
Black Panther Party
- Watch "Return of the King" Season 1 Epi. 9 Boondocks
- Write a 10% Summary with an Explanation of King's speech

Tuesday 2/23

Inner City Rebellions
-How would you organize a rebellion? Who would lead the rebellion and how would you execute it?
Policing the Black Community
-Crossword Puzzle

Thursday 2/25

Hurricane Katrina
- Read the article and answer the following questions: Article Here
1) Chart the destruction path of Hurricane Katrina
How did Hurricane Katrina impact New Orleans?


Unit Plan

Power Points


Assessment & Assignment Dates


Web Links & Historical



Africans in America- PBS
HippoCampus- US History
Eye Witness to History
The Amistad Case
History Matters

Read article from Hip-Hop