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World History 2015-2016
World History F Period, Room: 101Mrs. Dubinsky ddubinsky@hyde.edu and Miss Bertschy pbertschy@hyde.edu
Course Description:
World History will explore and analyze various aspects of human development. The course centers around three common themes: Nation Building, Struggles of Governance, and Advancement of Society. The course attempts to include many of the highlights of development—cultural, social, technological, geographical and political aspects of the world throughout time. World History is fascinating, and helps us to determine our place and our time from the perspective of countless generations.

Spring Trimester


Homework Chart



5/13/16 Read 29.2 Answer questions page 849 #1, 4, 5, 7

5/17/16 Finish 4-5 pages of your research paper.

5/1/16 No new homework

5/2/16 Study for Unit 2 Test on Wednesday

5/3/16Thesis due tomorrow Work on Studyguide

5/4/16 Read 29.1 Answer questions page 848 #1,4,6, 8

4/22/16 Read section 27.3 and complete the Reading Guide

Answer Questions on page #1, 3, 4
4/23/16 Choose you topic and write your focus question for your Final Paper

4/4/16 STUDY for Test#6
4/5/16 Read section 25.1 and complete the Reading Guide
Answer Questions on Page 722 #1, 3

4/6/16 Read section 25.3 and complete the Reading Guide
Answer Questions on page 733 #1, 3, 5

4/7/16 Read section 27.1 and complete the Reading Guide
Answer Questions on page 778 #1, 3, 4

4/10/16 Read section 27.3 and complete the Reading Guide
Answer Questions on page #1, 3, 4

3/28/16 Read 23.4 in textbook
3/29/16 Read 23.5 in textbook and complete the reading outline

4/1/16 Study for Chapter 23 Test on Monday

Future Plan
Unit 6: Industrial and the Race for Empire, 1700-194
This unit describes the effects of the Industrial Revolution on Western nations and the nations’ race to divide Asia and Africa among themselves. Colonial rule brings more hardships than benefit to native peoples, who eventually rebel against Western rulers.
Revolution: During the 1800s, Britain, the United States, and some European countries undergo great changes as result of the Industrial Revolution. The widening gap between rich and poor prompts series of social and political reform.
Power and Authority: With their superior technology and weapons, Western nations complete to acquire territory in Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific.
Economics: Countries around the world react to Western influence. China falls under foreign domination, but Japan and Korea respond by modernizing their countries. Although Latin American nations free themselves from colonialism, they remain economically and politically unstable.
Planning Guide
Class 1
Unit introduction

Read Chapter 25 Section 1 PP 717-722.
Answer questions 1-5 and 8 on pp722.
Class 2
Chapter 25
The Beginning of Industrialization

Chapter Objective: Describe the key inventions and improvements of industrial Revolution.
  • Explain the beginnings of industrialization in Britain.
  • Describe key invention that furthered the Industrialization Revolution.
  • Identify transportation improvements.
  • Trace the impact of railroads on British industry.
Read Chapter 25 Section 2 PP 723-728.
Answer questions 1-5 and 6 on pp728.
Class 3
Chapter 2
Industrialization—Case Study: Manchester
Chapter Objective: Analyze the impact of Industrialization on society.
  • Describe industrialization in the United States and Europe.
  • Identify the effects of Industrialization on the rest of the World
Read Chapter 25 Section 3 pp 729-733
Answer questions 1-5 and 8 on pp 733.
Class 4
Chapter 25
Industrialization Spreads

Chapter Objective: Trace the spread of Industrialization through Europe and the United States.
  • Identify thinkers and ideas that supported industrialization.
  • Explain the origins and main concepts of socialism and Marxism.
  • Examine unionization and legislative reform.
  • Describe other reform movements of the 1800s.
Read Chapter 25 Section 4 pp 734-741.
Answer questions 1-5 and 9 on pp 741.
Class 5
Chapter 25
Reforming the Industrial World
Chapter Objective: List the economic, social, political reforms that arose from the Industrial Revolution.
  • Explain the effects of geography on cultural development in China.
  • Describe the growth and structure of the Shang Dynasty.
  • Describe the Shang family structure, religion, and technology.
  • Summarize the rise and fall of the Zhou Dynasty.
Study for Chapter 25 Exam
Class 6
Chapter 25 Exam
Chapter 25 Exam
Read Chapter 3 Section 1.
Answer questions 1-5 at the end of the section.